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Book an Auckland Showroom Visit

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What to Expect

  1. Book a time for your Showroom Visit using the below Showroom Visit Booking Form 
  2. We'll send you our Showroom Briefing form so we can tailor your Showroom visit to your needs
  3. On the day, your Stone Specialist will help you find the choices that suit your aesthetic, lifestyle & maintenance preference & budget 
  4. You'll receive an email with your Wishlist
  5. Get a quote! Share your Wishlist with your Kitchen Company, Fabricator or design partner for a quote.


What to Prepare

  • With so many options, it can be helpful to work with your design partner ahead of time to:
    • Decide on one or two color preferences
    • Decide what finish you like: Polished, Honed/Glace or Leathered
    • Discuss what you're willing to commit to from a maintenance perspective to ensure you get the right fit for your lifestyle. 
  • Explore ArchiPro to see projects which show the stones you're considering.This will help you visualise what your space will look like
  • Bring along flooring, splashback and cabinet samples so you match them to the stone
  • Come ready to take photos! 


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Seeing is believing


"What's the best type of Stone for me?"

Start by considering your design aesthetic and lifestyle and reading our material guide tab on the main website.

  • Sophisticated Porcelain is anti-bacteria, stain resistant, highly durable and perfect to withstand high temperatures. It can be coloured, patterned and finished in many different styles, so there is plenty of creative opportunity for those designing a kitchen with porcelain benchtops.
  • Opting for Natural Stone means you have a one-of-a kind masterpiece that's impossible to replicate. Durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean, marble and granite come in many colours and with many different patterns or veins, each one as breathtaking as the last.
  • Engineered/manufactured stone is one of the most durable materials for a kitchen benchtop and it comes in a range of styles and colours, giving the renovator significant control to choose the perfect look for their kitchen.

"Can I put a hold on a slab?"

It's no surprise that homeowners fall in love with the perfect slab, and want to immediately place it on hold!

  • Due to the high turnover, administration requirements and space restrictions, we are unable to offer holds on Engineered Stone.
  • Slabs chosen by homeowners and designers with no specified fabricator will be held for seven (7)
    days including weekends.
  • The seven (7) day hold may be extended to a fourteen (14) day hold (from the date of the original hold) only upon your fabricator’s confirmation.
  • At the conclusion of the fourteen (14) day hold period we cannot guarantee holding the slab/s after this period. If Universal Granite does not receive a response we will assume the hold is not valid and will release the slabs back into our available inventory.

"Can I bring my dog?"

We warmly welcome well-behaved dogs into our Showroom!